This program received support from the Foundation between 2013 and 2016.

Accelerating the ingenuity of nurses.

The MakerNurse program honors nurses' inventive spirit by bringing nurse "maker spaces" to the forefront of health care.

Nurses are solving challenges encountered at the bedside every day, improvising workarounds and designing new devices to improve patient care. MakerNurse is changing the game for nurses by tapping into their natural problem-solving skills and bringing the spirit of invention, creativity, and innovation into medical settings.

Spearheaded by the Little Devices Lab at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the program began as an initiative to collect stories from nurses who self-identify as “maker nurses” to better understand what drives them to use what’s around them to fix problems and improve the patient experience.

As a result, the initiative uncovered the behaviors, circumstances and cultural drivers that enhanced resourcefulness and innovation among hospital nurses. Since then, MakerNurse has built an online community that supports the ingenuity of nurses, and robust tools and resources that empower nurses to make and innovate at the bedside.

Discovering New Ideas

With an eye to the future, we look for emerging trends and creative, new ways to meet our nation’s health challenges.

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