Health Leads

This program received support from the Foundation between 2012 and 2016.

Connecting patients with the resources they need to be healthy–beyond health care.

Health Leads envisions a health system that addresses basic needs as a standard part of care.

Millions of low-income families seek medical care for health problems each day. But for families that struggle to meet basic needs like adequate food or housing, clinical care is only part of the solution.

By addressing non-medical needs as part of care delivery, Health Leads helps change the circumstances affecting the lives of vulnerable people. The program mobilizes college volunteers to connect patients and their families with the basic resources they need to be healthy. Doctors can “prescribe” resources such as food and heating assistance, and volunteers help “fill” prescriptions by connecting patients to community services.

With RWJF support, Health Leads is building capacity to spread its model for addressing the social factors that contribute to ’health, and producing a pipeline of leaders with the conviction and ability to champion a new model of care.

Health Leads

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