Our Projects

Recent research includes the Sentinel Communities project and the American Health Values Survey, both led by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with support from partners and participants nationwide.

Sentinel Communities

The Culture of Health Sentinel Communities are a collection of 29 cities, counties, regions, and states, selected to reflect the nation’s diversity in terms of geography, demographics, and approaches to improving health. By tracking these communities over time, we seek to better understand the local health landscape; how challenges can be addressed in different geographic and historical contexts, and how communities make progress or encounter barriers in pursuing goals of improving residents’ health and well-being.

American Health Values

How do Americans’ feel about health in their communities, nationally, and in their personal lives? Led by a research team from NORC, an American Health Values Typology is being developed to learn more about attitudes toward health across the country by developing distinct groups based on shared values and beliefs.The results highlight similarities and differences among Americans and draws clear connections between individuals’ attitudes toward health and their potential to be advocates and agents of change in their communities.