• County Health Rankings

    County Health Rankings & Roadmaps provides a robust action center with tools individuals can use to advance health in their local communities.

  • Healthy People 2020

    Healthy People 2020 benchmarks health status in the United States, providing milestones for national health improvement and public health priorities.

  • AARP Livability Index

    This index provides quality-of-life measures for people of all ages across multiple dimensions, including housing, transportation, and health.

  • The Social Impact Calculator

    The Social Impact Calculator offers a quick tool to assess which investments will improve the health and well-being of local populations.

  • MeasureUp

    This resource measures the impacts of community development and health initiatives, supporting the design and evaluation of cross-sector collaboration.

  • National Health Security Preparedness Index

    This index provides a comprehensive assessment of health security in the United States, from emergency response to recovery capabilities.

  • Resilience in Action

    This site offers tools and other resources to support the development of resilience in communities.

  • Naccho Mapp

    This community-driven strategic planning process helps to prioritize public health issues and identify resources to address them.

  • IOM Vital Signs

    This set of 15 standardized mea­sures provides benchmarks for health progress across the nation.

  • Stakeholder Perspectives

    This report summarizes how cultural alignment and the use of incentives can promote a Culture of Health.