New Participants in RWJF Health & Society Scholars Program to Study Determinants of Population Health

May 16, 2014, 10:00 AM

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Health & Society Scholars program has announced the selection of 12 new scholars who will investigate how connections among biological, genetic, behavioral, social, economic, and environmental conditions impact the population’s health.

“We’re pleased to announce our newest class of Health & Society Scholars. These new scholars will continue to advance the program’s decade-long mission to answer the questions critical to guiding health policy and improving our nation’s health,” said Jo Ivey Boufford, MD, co-director with Christine Bachrach, PhD, of the national program office for the Health & Society Scholars program, and president of the New York Academy of Medicine.

The program seeks to improve the nation’s health by better understanding and acting on the determinants that can reduce population health disparities. Among many topics, the new scholars will study social factors underlying infectious disease transmission, as well as possible interventions designed to improve urban health. Previous cohorts of scholars have researched how health is influenced by civic engagement, discrimination, human happiness, work environment, public health policies, and many other societal factors.

Health & Society Scholars receive a stipend of $80,000 annually. During their time in the program, they participate in intensive seminars, produce scholar-directed research and analysis, and receive focused training in the skills necessary for effective leadership, program implementation, and policy change.

The new Health & Society Scholars will serve in one of four nationally prominent universities: Columbia University; Harvard University; the University of California, San Francisco/Berkeley; and the University of Wisconsin.

The Health & Society Scholars program’s 2014–2016 participants are: Jon Zelner, PhD; Angie Boyce, AB; Joan Casey, MA; Daniel Hackman, PhD, ScB; Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, MS, MA; Rourke O’Brien, PhD; Kara Rudolph, PhD, MHS, MPH; Christy Erving, PhD, MA; Christopher Muller, MA; Colleen Reid, MPH, ScB; Jacqueline Torres, MA, MPH; and Debraj Mukherjee, MD.

Learn more about the new Health & Society Scholars and about the Health & Society Scholars program.

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Human Capital Blog. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors.