Now that's Progress

Jul 8, 2009, 5:24 AM, Posted by

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My family dog, Chance, testing the latest prototype. 

Credit to my wife, Naomi, for the idea.

The back story: Chance is about seven months old. He learned to swim in a local creek the other day. Then, in his excitement, he jumped off a bridge and landed on ground 10 feet below. I think he figured if he could swim, then he could also fly. We spent a good five hours at the emergency room, most of it waiting. The vet on call wanted a specialist to see him. The specialist, a doggie ortho surgeon, thought they would need to operate—to the tune of $4,000.  Additional x-rays showed no broken bones, but some torn tendons. It was just like a visit to a human ER, only with a lot more fur. Chance should be ok in three or four weeks.  In the mean time, he claims to be receiving podcasts from New Zealand.

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.