Conversations with Today's Pioneers in Health and Health Care

May 6, 2008, 10:42 AM, Posted by

The programs and projects that Pioneer grantees are leading give all of us here at the Foundation a lot to think about. Their work presents us with new perspectives and new questions, and fosters many great discussions about the role of innovation in health and health care. Some of those discussions have been shared here on the Pioneering Ideas blog and we appreciate the opportunity to have such conversations with you about the work of our grantees, promising ideas for the future, and the importance of innovation in health.

While we all enjoy talking and writing about the work of our grantees, there is something special about hearing from them directly about what’s on their minds. To that end, we are beginning a new series of interviews with Pioneer grantees - putting them on the spot, asking important questions about their work and sharing those insights here on the blog.

We hope that you too will feel free to ask questions of these health and health care pioneers.

Our first grantee feature will be posted tomorrow; an interview with Lynn Etheredge, a health care consultant who is working with a team of researchers at the George Washington University on how to move the nation toward a rapid learning health care system, one that uses health data in more powerful ways to answer key questions and deliver evidence-based medicine to patients. Comparative effectiveness analysis is helping researchers assess which treatments and technologies work best and most cost-effectively for which populations, and it’s getting a lot of attention in health policy spheres. Check back tomorrow to see what Lynn has to say about rapid learning and comparative effectiveness research, and how these trends might spark dramatic improvements in the future of health and health care.

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.