Guest Blogger: Rey Ramsey

Jan 16, 2007, 8:37 AM, Posted by

Rey Ramsey is the CEO of One Economy Corporation, which recently received a grant from RWJF's Pioneer portfolio to explore the wide-scale application of tools to enable people to manage their own health in Washington, DC.  We asked Rey to write about this project for us, and he responded:

"Without a doubt, there is a health crisis in Washington, DC. When compared with residents of the 50 states, Washingtonians have the highest cancer death, infant mortality, and AIDS rates. Far too many low-income residents have poor health outcomes because of barriers such as lack of healthcare, health literacy problems and economic constraints. Currently, the DC government is pursuing the creation of a wireless Internet network through much of the city with free access for low-income residents. The availability of useful, patient-centered online content and applications is essential for the network to be truly beneficial for the health of Washington’s low-income residents. With the grant we received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, One Economy is creating a resource to demystify healthcare for Washingtonians. This online resource will offer personalized and localized content as well as interactive applications that utilize state-of-the-art disease monitoring tools. Our ultimate challenge is to not only develop this product, but to also build awareness of the benefits this resource has to offer. To that end, we will engage in a comprehensive outreach campaign that will involve health clinics, community organizations, and public officials. We are now at the beginning of our journey to fulfill these goals, but I look forward to sharing more with you as we move forward."

Thoughts for Rey and his colleagues as this project begins?

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.