Renee C Woodside

Communications Project Manager

Renee Woodside, who joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2006, brings many years of experience helping others tell their story. She oversees communications activities for the Foundation’s Policy unit and works to engage policymakers and their staff by providing them with evidence-based research and stories about RWJF programs in order to help inform their work on issues that impact the health of everyone in America.

As part of this work, Woodside manages the Foundation’s Connect Project, a program that helps its grantees and partners build or enhance relationships with members of Congress and other policymakers. "The key to engaging policymakers is not just by sharing facts but by sharing stories," she says.   

Woodside first became interested in politics in 2005 when she worked on the New Jersey Gubernatorial race. In this role, she worked closely with the communications team to ensure the candidate was in the right place with the right message. 

Woodside holds a BS in Statistics from San Diego State University. She currently lives in Trenton, NJ with her husband and boy-girl twins who take up most of her time. 

Renee C. Woodside
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