Melissa R. Nahm

Program Officer

Melissa Nahm, program officer, joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2014. Her work at the Foundation allows her to continue a lifelong role as a connector. She views her role as an opportunity to help different sectors work together to achieve the shared goal of improving the health of our nation. As she puts it, β€œIn previous positions, I sat between the under-resourced and the wealthy, between the minority and the majority, and between persons with disabilities and persons with able-bodies. I see my work at the Foundation as a chance to continue serving as a go-between and change agent.”

Nahm came to the Foundation after completing her MPH at Columbia University, where she also served as a program evaluation assistant for the Summer Public Health Scholars Program. In this program, designed to increase interest in and knowledge of public health among underrepresented undergraduate students, she worked on statistical analysis, grant reporting, and database development.

Formerly, she was a program assistant with The Lenny Zakim Fund in Boston, which supports grassroots community organizations engaged in social justice work. Her earlier positions included work supporting urban youth and persons with developmental disabilities.

Born in New Jersey, Nahm earned a BS in biology from Boston College and a MPH from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. She currently lives in Somerville, N.J., where she enjoys exploring cultures through food and art and connecting with friends and family.

Melissa R. Nahm
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