Joseph P. Miliano

Grants System Coordinator

Joe Miliano serves as grants system coordinator at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, helping facilitate $700 million in funding annually. He joined the Foundation in September 1999.

As a member of the Grants Management Department, Joe manages multiple databases and processes database changes from both internal staff and external sources. He maintains and monitors President’s Staff grant allocations as well as Special Contributions Funds. In addition to maintaining program team/theme assignments and rosters, he prepares annual Board reports and internal staff reassignment reports. He also provides support to the Grants Management Department operation activities, including assisting with proposal intake and entry, and preparation of letters of awards.

Joe graduated from Stockton University with a BA in Business Administration and resides in New Jersey with his wife and five children. He enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and music.

Joe Miliano / RWJF
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