Ari B. Kramer

Communications Officer, Knowledge Management

A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) staff member since 2009, Ari Kramer leads efforts to help maximize the strategic potential of knowledge generated through RWJF's grantmaking.

As communications officer, knowledge management, Kramer oversees and supports processes ranging from enterprise taxonomy development, to search engine optimization, to content development across RWJF interest areas, for external and internal use. He also guides RWJF's development of broader knowledge management strategies, and exploration into new methods of leveraging different forms of RWJF knowledge and data to help advance organizational objectives.

In previous roles, as a manager on RWJF's digital communications team, Kramer oversaw ongoing publication on and enhancements in content and user experience on the website, and the integration of search engine optimization and other key aspects of content strategy into RWJF's digital efforts. He also provided strategic communications support for RWJF initiatives with a focus on public and community health, with a particular focus on digital content and outreach.

Immediately prior to joining the Foundation, Kramer managed communications and member services for the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers (CNJG), and presently serves on CNJG's board of trustees and as co-chair of its program committee. Before that, he spent several years as a reporter and freelance writer covering topics such as affordable housing, public transportation, and economic development for a wide range of national, regional, and local publications.

Kramer holds a Master of Science in Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BS in International Affairs and BA in Russian from Florida State University.

Ari B. Kramer
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