Emily Hall Ganos

Program Officer

Emmy Ganos, PhD, program officer, joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2013 as a program associate. She works on the Foundation's efforts to advance a Culture of Health, where our economy is less burdened by excessive and unwarranted health care spending, and where the health of the population guides public and private decision making. She brings her research experience in public and community health to her work at RWJF, and relishes the opportunity the Foundation provides to apply her expertise to improving the value of health care and public health.

Previously, Ganos held research and teaching positions with the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, working with undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. She also served as a manager of research and administration with the Donors Forum of Wisconsin, a professional membership association for grantmakers and Wisconsin’s premier resource for philanthropy. She has researched, written, and presented on a host of health and health care issues in Wisconsin, including the health care needs of rural and farm women, diabetes screening for Milwaukee Latinos, and her dissertation work on the role of physicians’ cultural norms in patterns of health care utilization and cost.

Ganos received her BA in Health and Society from Beloit College, and her PhD in Public and Community Health from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She received the 2012 Award Pin for Outstanding Medical Student Teaching in Health Policy from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Born in Chicago, she and her husband, Tom, reside in Philadelphia. She enjoys exploring her new surroundings in Philadelphia and, while reluctant to admit it, loves spending time watching programs on HBO.

Emily H. Ganos
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