Quick Tips for Product Submission

  • Only submit product(s) funded by RWJF (e.g., a report or article that addresses the subject of your award but not funded by RWJF should not be submitted as a product).
  • Submit only products listed in the What to Submit section of these instructions and review the What Not to Submit section.
  • Only submit products for the specific RWJF grant ID# from which products were funded.
  • Submit each product separately and only once.
  • If you have questions or are unsure whether a product is suitable for submission, please do not hesitate to contact:  Tom Andruszewski, Program Records Manager.

See How to Submit Products section (link on left navigation bar).

About Grantee Products

General Guidance

The following instructions apply to all grantees. ONLY if your staff has not been notified to submit reports and products via Grantee Hub, submit them to grantreports@rwjf.org. Check with your Project Director if you are uncertain if your grant was given Grantee Hub access.


While Grantee Hub allows a variety of product upload types, it is important that any URL provided be accessible for RWJF to download.  With this in mind, it is preferable for grantees to upload a file (e.g., PDF, MOV, MP4) rather than submit a URL for a Product.  If a URL is provided by a grantee, it must be freely available for download from your website.  


Each file uploaded in the Grantee Hub must be 1 GB or less. If a single file is larger than 1 GB, you have two options for sharing.  Please note that large file uploads may take some time based on your own network's capabilities and speed.


  1. Zip the file and send it by email to Grant Reports (grantreports@rwjf.org).
  2. Send an email to Grant Reports and request a Dropbox folder be created. Program Records will email you a link to a Dropbox folder where you can save your documents.
  3. These instructions should only be used for single files larger than 1 GB. Other files should be uploaded in the Grantee Hub if you have been given Grantee Hub access.


As always, we thank you for dedication, and are grateful to work alongside you to help drive change for better health.

What to Submit

Below is a list of product types we are currently welcoming, and brief descriptions.




(only articles written by your staff or contractors with RWJF funds; see also Special Handling section)

  • Articles 
  • Commentaries (editorials, letters to the editor, op-eds)
  • Journal Articles  


Also see RWJF's Policy for Open Access.


  • Books (edited or written by grantee staff member(s) on the topic of the grant)  

Communications or Promotions

Materials created to communicate the project’s or program’s findings, results, recommendations, or solutions to the media and broader public.

  • Advertisements (materials created to promote a given perspective, or opinion, presented in advertisements or public service announcements)
  • Grantee Profiles (articles or other write-ups about the project/program, an organization created for the project, or a person engaged in, or helped by, the project, for the purpose of promoting the project) 
  • Grantee Websites (new website developed to support an RWJF-supported project/program, or general descriptive web pages devoted to the project). 
  • News Releases (only those written by your organization, staff or contractors with RWJF funds; see also Special Handling section)
  • Official Correspondence directly related to grant deliverables (examples include, but are not limited to: comments submitted to any local, state, or federal agency concerning rule-making/regulatory issues, letters to agencies requesting enforcement actions related to existing laws, letters directed to corporations requesting changes to corporate practices)
  • Promotion or Communication (e.g., materials that have a substantial educational purpose such as blogs with findings, results, or recommendations)

Meetings and Conferences

For single presentations made at multiple venues, include the presentation once and mention the other venues at which it was made.

  • Poster Presentations about the results, findings, and recommendations of the project/program
  • Proceedings (published proceedings of a sponsored meeting, conference, or workshop, if available online or through grantee organization) 
  • Speeches and Presentations (including those by grantee staff - whether alone or in panels -that are published in conference proceedings from the grantee organization or another organization, and published background papers prepared for discussion at a sponsored conference or workshop held by the grantee organization, or prepared by grantee staff for their presentation given elsewhere)
  • Testimonies (Testimonies and materials for testimonies given to government legislative or regulatory bodies. Use this testimony cover sheet when submitting your testimony. To submit your testimony, go to the My Grants tile and select the grant related to your testimony. Combine your cover sheet and materials and upload as one file within the Products area.) 
  • Videos or Audio Files (documentaries, items appearing on external websites such as YouTube that have a substantial educational purpose and create awareness of the project/program).



(excluding annual reports of the grantee organization)

  • Charts (charts and data reports, chartbooks, chartpacks )
  • Evaluations (the findings from evaluations)
  • Issue Briefs (issue briefs, policy briefs, legislative scans or reports, policy synthesis, fact sheets, and research highlights)
  • Reports (monographs, chronology, final or preliminary findings, thesis/dissertation, and white papers)
  • Survey or Polls (survey reports, and survey synthesis reports)


For products used to instruct or deliver educational content. 

  • Toolkits (for use by those in the field doing similar work)

What not to Submit


  • Do not send any materials created by the program office, even if the materials were slightly modified for your site or use; RWJF will receive these materials directly from the program office.
  • Do not send an e-mail to your program financial analyst, program officer or communications officer when you submit your products. They will be automatically notified when your materials are received.
  • Do not send duplicate versions of products—especially press releases, presentations or educational materials—when the core content is the same.



Do not submit:

  • Announcements of events or meetings, grant/contract awards, awards, or hiring of personnel
  • Materials created by your staff but not funded by RWJF, even if related to the project.
  • Journal, magazine newspaper articles not focused on results, findings or recommendations
  • Book reviews of other people's books
  • Materials that are unrelated to the RWJF grant-funded project or program
  • Manuscript of an article that is already published (Instead, submit the published article.)
  • Newsletters or Brochures
  • Works in progress


Books or Chapters

Do not submit:

  • Manuscript of a book or chapter that is already published (Instead, send the published book.)
  • Work in progress


Communications or Promotion

Do not submit:

  • Twitter, Facebook or similar social media posts
  • Sound bites not focused on the results, findings or recommendations of the work funded by RWJF
  • Announcements of events or meetings, grant/contract awards or hiring of personnel
  • Multiple copies of the same product
  • Posters, brochures or other materials of a promotional nature that do not contain findings, results, or recommendations
  • T-shirts, mugs, pens or other common promotional give-away items
  • Photographs without releases from those pictured and copyright release from the photographer
  • Photographs of meetings or photographs that are too dark or small to be viewable


Meetings and Conferences

Do not submit:

  • Conference or workshop agendas
  • Slide Presentations
  • Speaker biographies
  • Materials related to the logistics of the event, such as participant lists or room layouts
  • Materials that report on activities peripheral to the results of the project/program
  • Multiple copies of essentially similar presentations that were delivered at different meetings
  • Conference evaluations or surveys
  • Presentation abstracts
  • Meeting and Conference programs or brochures


Do not submit:

  • Raw data
  • Annual reports of the grantee organization



Do not submit:

  • Generic, common knowledge compilations of previously published material
  • Multiple copies of identical materials provided at different locations
  • Training class satisfaction surveys

How to Submit Products


From the Overview page of your grant, select the MENU Icon (located in the navy blue bar at the top right of the page) and scroll down the list to select Products.

On the Products page select the Submit a Product button. Select a Category and a Type from the drop-down lists, and then enter the Title of your Product.


Select the radio button for File to upload a product or  URL to enter the URL for a product.  Then press Save to submit your product.


Special Handling

Products not submitted via Grantee Hub

Articles Not Written by Your Staff or Contractors

  • Your project may support articles not directly funded by RWJF (e.g., interns supported by your team but not paid with RWJF funds who write newspaper articles, unpaid members of your external project team who write various articles). Do not submit these articles as products. Instead, you may list them in your bibliography if you choose to submit a bibliography. Bibliography instructions can be found here.

Data Tapes

  • Data tapes may be required under some awards. (The tape itself is sent to the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan).

Print, News, or Internet*

  • Print, News, or internet coverage (*Coverage is an article written about your project or the subject of your grant. It is not authored by your project staff, but written by an outside agency or author (e.g., an Associated Press reporter). Make a selection of the coverage you think is most important, include only one example if similar coverage ran in different publications. RWJF considers newpapers in dateline cities and state capitals to be important news sources. Scan it, save it as a PDF document and send it to grantreports@rwjf.org.  Include a cover page, listing the coverage by date order with title, name of publication, and month, date and year of publication.)


The Value of Grantee Products

Product Impact

Connected with our grant programs, RWJF has the privilege to maintain an extensive database of numerous types of grantee products which capture a broad array of program-related analysis, outreach, and impact.

For the field, these products represent critical new knowledge and insight stemming from nationwide efforts to improve health and well-being in America. For us, in addition to helping us effectively monitor award-funded outcomes, they are also an essential resource to draw from as we work to continually learn and identify new opportunities for new resources in areas of shared interest.

In association with your RWJF funding, as new products emerge, we greatly appreciate your sharing them with us. There is no need to wait until your narrative and financial reporting cycles. Simply submit them through the Grantee Hub as soon as they are completed and available.