Grant Extension Request


In the course of your work, it is possible you may need an extension of your award if your project will not be completed by the end of the current end date and/or if there is a programmatic benefit to continue the work beyond the original end date.  Note that a grant extension does not change the grant award amount.


  • For grantees invited to report via Grantee Hub, the process for requesting a Grant Extension has been automated. Follow the process in bullet 1. 
  • For grantees NOT invited to submit via Grantee Hub, follow the process in  bullet 2.


1. How to submit a Grant Extension Request (for Grantees invited to report via Grantee Hub):


Sign in to MyRWJF to access Grantee Hub. In Grantee Hub, use the My Grants tile to select the grant for which you will submit a report. Select the menu icon on the upper right side of your grant Overview page, then select the Detail menu item. You may also select the Detail heading on the Overview page.


On the Detail page select the “Request Grant Extension” link on the right side of the page above the grant timeline. The “Request Grant Extension” link will open a form you can complete and submit online within Grantee Hub. When you complete and submit the form, your request will be sent to your program officer for consideration. Requestors will be notified by email of the program officer’s decision.


        Note: For grants managed by a national program office or national initiative, the deputy director(s) of that program will be cc’d.




2. How to submit a Grant Extension Request (for Grantees NOT invited to submit via Grantee Hub):


            Please complete and attach the Grant Extension Form and send via email to Be sure to include the RWJF Grant I.D. number in the Subject line of the email.