Contracts are agreements entered into with specific deliverables and expectations negotiated by you for an agreed upon price over a specified period.  Personnel costs of project staff who are not employees of the applicant organization should be included under contracts.


If you did not have complete information for each contract at the budget negotiation stage of your project, or if you anticipate the need for additional contract(s) not previously approved, create and complete one  Contract Budget and Fact Chart for each contract. E-mail your completed Contract Budget and Fact Chart with your award ID in the subject line to or your national program office if your project is funded under a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation national program.


It is important to demonstrate you have a good understanding of the scope of work and/or deliverables to be accomplished by each contract, and how those costs are calculated. In the cost calculation section, please provide the calculations used to derive the requested budget. For contracts greater than $250,000 or ones that have a complicated budget structure, provide a copy of the contractor budget worksheet.


If you are requesting a budget revision, include one completed Contract Budget and Fact Chart for each contract in the contract section of the budget narrative.


While we understand the grant term may change, grant funds may only be expended against any contract in your budget within the final approved grant period. If Foundation funds are the anticipated sole source of support for the project funded by your award, the contract start date should not be earlier than the start date of your award, and the end date should not be later than the end date of the award. Other funds must be used to pay for any contractual costs that begin earlier than the anticipated start date or end later than the anticipated end date of the project.


The terms and conditions of any contracts into which you enter should be consistent with the terms and conditions of the Foundation's  grant agreement with you, which,  if your project is approved, will be the legal document governing your award from the Foundation.  Sample grant agreements can be found in the FAQs. The Foundation will not be a party to your contracts. You retain full responsibility for your contracts, which includes overseeing the work and deliverables, and reporting the expenses associated with the contract to the Foundation. We recommend that you consider including the right to audit provisions and record retention expectations when negotiating contracts.