Budget Revision Guidelines

When changes in your grant project or program result in a change in the project budget, you may need to submit a request for a budget revision. Whether or not a budget revision is required, you should explain any category budget variance that exceeds 20% (plus or minus) as part of your annual or final financial reporting. Grantees should keep the RWJF Program Officer informed on the progress of, or changes to, the project or program via email or phone on a regular basis.

RWJF does not require an approved or documented budget revision unless one or more of the following conditions are true:

  1. There is a material change in scope of work that alters the purpose of the grant as outlined in the grant agreement. Please discuss with your Program Officer and/or Program Financial Analyst.
  2. Your organization or Foundation staff requires a budget revision.
  3. Your award is structured as a contract. Please contact your RWJF Program Officer and/or Program Financial Analyst to determine if budget revision is needed.
  4. Your grant is structured as a Project Grant Rule (PGR) or Advocacy Budget. Please contact your RWJF Program Officer and/or Program Financial Analyst to determine if a budget revision is needed.

If a budget revision is needed, your request should include a completed budget revision worksheet to explain any requested changes (see links to templates below). The worksheet should be formatted to show the entire approved budget for the period you are revising and the requested line-item changes. The narrative section in the budget revision template should explain how the revised budget item(s) relate to the project, why the changes are needed, and how the proposed amount(s) were determined. You only need to explain lines that change. If a sub-contract has changed (including the dollars, scope of work, or deliverables) from what was approved, include a revised Contract Budget and Fact Chart in your request. It should outline and explain the elements that have changed.


Budget Revision Templates


Template for grants $1 million or less 

Template for grants greater than $1 million

How to Submit a Budget Revision Request

After completing the template, email your budget revision request to Grant Reports. If your project is funded under an RWJF national program, copy the National Program Office on your budget revision request.  To review the currently approved budget, sign in to MyRWJF to access Grantee Hub. In Grantee Hub, use the My Grants tile and select the grant for which you will request a budget revision. Click on Budget to review the current budget. 


Helpful Hints


  1. Justify any changed or new line item(s) in the budget revision template.
  2. Revisions to personnel line items may change the approved amount for fringe benefits. The proposed fringe benefit amount should be recalculated and shown in the budget revision template. 
  3. Budget revisions may require a recalculation of the amount approved for indirect costs (Indirect Cost Rate Policy).