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The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) hosted its 28th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions—entitled "Science to Impact: The Breadth of Behavioral Medicine"—on March 21–24, 2007, in Washington. SBM is a multidisciplinary organization "dedicated to promoting the study of the interactions of behavior with biology and the environment, and the application of that knowledge to improve the health and well being of individuals, families, communities and populations," as stated in its mission statement.

Project staff designed the meeting to include a linked series of presentations, symposia, keynote lectures, roundtables and town hall events defining promising methods of preventing childhood obesity, research on how best to control childhood obesity and intervention strategies.

Key Results

  • The meeting brought together 1,410 researchers, policy-makers, funders and others from diverse fields to discuss and accelerate progress in childhood obesity prevention, research and interventions.
  • Symposium topics included:
    • Reducing Childhood Obesity in High Risk Populations: Science to Impact
    • Interactions among Biobehavioral, Social and Environmental Influences on Obesity: Implications for Population-level Interventions
    • Policy Research to Prevent Childhood Obesity: New Frontiers and Funding for Behavioral Medicine
  • Presentations delivered at the conference (see the Bibliography) highlight the following research and practice priorities:
    • The need for policy and environmental approaches
    • The need to expand both the types of research and practice being conducted
    • The inclusion of biological and genetic research

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided $50,310 to support this unsolicited grant from December 15, 2006, through August 2008.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health provided additional support for the event.

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Activities at the Society's 2007 annual meeting on childhood obesity and disparities


Society of Behavioral Medicine, Inc. (Milwaukee,  WI)

  • Amount: $ 50,310
    Dates: December 2006 to August 2008
    ID#:  059156


Paul Estabrooks, Ph.D.
(414) 918-3156

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Presentations and Testimony

The following presentations were delivered at the 28th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions held March 22–24, 2007, in Washington:

  • Amelie Ramirez and Kipling J. Gallion, "Childhood Obesity: Rates, Risks, and Remedies in the Hispanic Community." Available online.
  • Hollie A. Raynor, "Can Environmental Dietary Factors Make Regulating Energy Intake Difficult?" Available online.
  • Catherine Davis, "Children's Cognition and Achievement: Associations with Obesity and Effects of Exercise.
  • Kelly D. Brownell, "Taking Courageous Action to Prevent Obesity." Available online.
  • James F. Sallis, "Ecological Studies on Active Living Can Inform Policy Debates." Available online.
  • Debra Haire-Joshu and Prabhu Ponkshe, "Strategies for Translating Science to Health Policy."
  • Mary Story, "Building Evidence for Environmental and Policy Solutions to Promote Healthy Eating and Prevent Childhood Obesity."
  • Jenelle Krishnamoorthy, "Discussant Perspectives from Capitol Hill."
  • Paul Krugman, "Health Disparities." Available online.
  • Edwin B. Fisher, "The Importance of Context in Understanding Behavior and Promoting Health." Available online.
  • Leonard Green, "On Choice, Impulsivity and Self Control: What's the Future Worth to You?" Available online.
  • Deborah S.K. Thomas, "GIS Methods and Analyses: Applications in Behavioral Medicine."
  • Russell E. Glasgow and Peter G. Kauffman, "What Type of Evidence is Most Needed at Present to Advance Behavioral Medicine?" Available online in part 1 and part 2.
  • David B. Allison, "From Fruit Flies to Fruit Juice: Exploring the Complex Causes of Obesity." Available online.
  • Ronald M. Davis, "Building Bridges Between Behavioral and Clinical Medicine." Available online.
  • Neil Schneiderman, "Interactions among Biobehavioral, Social and Environmental Influences on Obesity: Implications for Population-level Interventions." Available online.
  • Alan Delamater, "Biobehavioral Issues in Pediatric Obesity." Available online.
  • Richard Surwit, "Modification of Hyperinsulinemia in the Treatment of Obesity: Southbeach Pharmacotherapy." Available online.

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Report prepared by: DiAnn Ohama
Reviewed by: Marian Bass
Program Officer: C. Tracy Orleans

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