July 2008

Grant Results


Eve Shapiro of Eve Shapiro Medical Writing prepared a report describing the experiences of seven "leading edge" medical organizations that have instituted policies and processes for disclosing medical errors.

Key Results

As stated in the online paper:

"Some medical institutions are seeking to turn the tide of medical errors by doing what medical institutions have been historically afraid to do: that is, to confront and openly admit their mistakes, to disclose them to patients and families and throughout their institutions, to investigate their causes, and to use what they learn to improve their processes and their systems so these errors do not recur. The seven organizations highlighted here have begun this journey. What they're doing, how they're doing it, and what they're learning in the process is the subject of this white paper."

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported this solicited project with a contract of $10,326 from September 2006 through June 2007.

After the Grant
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement published the report online in March 2008.

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Background Paper on Hospital Experience with Apology after Medical Errors and the Reduction in Medical Malpractice Claims


Eve Shapiro Medical Writing (Bethesda,  MD)

  • Amount: $ 10,326
    Dates: September 2006 to June 2007
    ID#:  058785


Eve Shapiro
(301) 654-1827

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Report prepared by: Carl A. Taylor
Reviewed by: Richard Camer
Reviewed by: Marian Bass
Program Officer: Rosemary Gibson