September 2008

Grant Results


Changemakers, an online community for social entrepreneurs, held three online competitions in 2006–2007 to generate innovative projects in three categories:

  • Intimate partner violence
  • "Disruptive innovations" in health and health care
  • Computer and video games to promote health.

Changemakers seeks to provide a forum in which social innovators can develop solutions to entrenched health and social problems. It uses online "open-source" collaborative competitions to generate these solutions.

Changemakers is an initiative of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, an organization that promotes social entrepreneurship worldwide.

Key Results

  • In 2006–2007, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funded the three online competitions. Four judges, including a program officer at RWJF, chose 12 finalists and, from them, the three winners with the most innovative solutions. The winners each received $5,000.
  • The three competitions were:

RWJF funded the three competitions with a $758,800 grant to Ashoka from August 2006 through January 2008.

After the Grant
RWJF has supported three additional online open source competitions run by Ashoka:

  • To help young men at risk reach their greatest potential; a $240,000 grant from November 2007 to July 2008 (see Grant Results on ID# 063280).
  • To create a new financial market for social entrepreneurs focusing on health and health care in the U.S.; a $1,540,175 grant from August 2005 to August 2009 (ID# 052599).
  • To advance social change goals—2008–2010; a $2,588,125 grant from August 2008 to April 2011 (ID# 063695).

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Testing the Use of Online Collaborative Competitions as a Tool for Social Change


Ashoka (Arlington,  VA)

  • Sponsoring Online, Open-Source Idea Competitions to Identify Promising Approaches to Advancing Social Change Goals - 2006-2008
    Amount: $ 758,800
    Dates: August 2006 to January 2008
    ID#:  057515


Sushmita Ghosh
(703) 527-8300

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Report prepared by: Gina Shaw
Reviewed by: Richard Camer
Reviewed by: Molly McKaughan
Program Officer: Chinwe Onyekere

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