January 2008

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Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology convened a conference to develop a research agenda on the role of health care facility design and:

  • Patient safety.
  • Patient and family experience.
  • Nurse/staff working conditions.

Entitled "Healthcare Environments Research Summit 2006: Developing the Research Roadmap," the conference was held in Atlanta February 8–9, 2006.

A meeting Web site includes a conference overview, as well as links to the agenda and summary report.

Key Results

  • A multidisciplinary group of 65 people attended the meeting, including researchers, health care facility owners, architects, consultants, health care providers and others.
  • Conference organizers provided participants with three background papers to inform their discussions during the meeting:
    • "Understanding the Design of Health Care Organizations: The Role of Qualitative Research Methods." (Available online.)
    • "Design Research And Patient And Family Stress: A Status Report On The Research Of The Healthcare Environment."
    • "Designing Safe Healthcare Facilities — What are the Data and Where Do We Go From Here?" (Available online.)
    • "Hospital Work Environments: Implications for Nursing Practice and Patient Care Quality." (Available online.)
  • Summit participants were divided into break-out groups to identify research priorities and opportunities in three major research areas:
    • Patient safety.
    • Patient and family experience.
    • Nurse/staff working conditions.
  • Conference organizers prepared a report on the break-out group discussions and recommendations, entitled "Summary of HER Summit Break-Out Group Activities: Research Priorities, Pipeline Issues and Action Items." (Available online.)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided a grant of $27,212 from July 2005 to March 2006 in partial support of the meeting. Other funders included the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Steelcase.

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Conference on the Impacts of the Hospital Physical Environment on Health Care Outcomes and Patient and Staff Satisfaction


Georgia Tech Research Corporation (Atlanta,  GA)

  • Amount: $ 27,212
    Dates: July 2005 to March 2006
    ID#:  053343


Craig M. Zimring, Ph.D.
(404) 894-3915

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Report prepared by: Richard Camer
Reviewed by: Marian Bass
Program Officer: Maureen M. Cozine

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