March 2002

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The Points of Light Foundation (POL), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization devoted to promoting volunteerism, organized a National Youth Summit in Orlando, Fla. June 22–25, 2000. The summit was a youth-led effort to highlight and foster community service through youth-adult partnerships.

It was held as part of POL's National Community Service Conference, an annual meeting of organizations that promote volunteerism. (For a roster of organizations participating in the Summit, see the Appendix.) The Summit was attended by approximately 1,200 people, representing 27 organizations in over 40 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

The program included interactive activities designed to:

  • Develop the knowledge and service skills of young people.
  • Highlight community service provided by youth-adult partnerships.
  • Motivate youth and adults to give back through service.
  • Foster youth-adult partnerships.

Key Results

  • The conference featured approximately 80 workshops (75 percent led by youth), which focused on helping participants to expand their knowledge and skills in community service activities.
  • Participants learned how to develop and sustain youth-adult partnerships, for example, and how community service varies in different cultural traditions.
  • During the conference, "action teams" — composed of delegates from the same neighborhood, community, or organization — met to develop projects to implement at home. Participants met in larger "family groups," at the beginning and end of each day, to reflect, share experiences, and network with others.
  • Three gatherings of the entire Summit group were organized under the themes, "dream it," "plan it," and "build it." Readings and dramatizations were selected to inspire and motivate participants to further action when they returned home.
  • "Inspiration Station," the Summit's interactive exhibit hall, provided participants with an opportunity to learn about projects in which youth, adults, and elders were working together. Featured projects addressed preventing HIV/AIDS, bridging gaps between youth and seniors, and curbing youth violence.
  • POL developed a Web site (no longer active) to promote the Summit and mailed 20,000 "save-the-date" brochures. Coverage of the Summit was broadcast live over the Internet. Articles appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and the Nonprofit Times. POL also produced a four-minute informational video on the Summit and its goals.
  • Following the conference, POL created a $30,000 fund to offer small grants (from $500 to $1,500) to local action teams to implement plans they developed at the Summit. POL also formed an ad-hoc group to plan the next National Youth Summit, scheduled for 2002.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided partial support for this project with a grant of $250,000 from April 2000 to September 2000. Previously, RWJF had supported the 1997 Citizens Service Summit (ID# 030843, see Grant Results on ID# 033929) to promote volunteerism.

The Corporation for National Service (which administers federal volunteer programs) and America's Promise (an organization devoted to building the character and competence of the nation's youth) assisted in planning the Summit and contributed in-kind support.

Other support for the Summit came from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation ($200,000), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($100,000), the Fannie Mae Foundation ($50,000), and Eckerd Youth Alternatives ($10,000).

Eleven corporations — including General Mills, Levi Strauss, and Tupperware — provided in-kind support.

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The National Youth Summit


Points of Light Foundation (Washington,  DC)

  • Amount: $ 250,000
    Dates: April 2000 to September 2000
    ID#:  038375


Cynthia Scherer
(202) 729-8113

Web Site

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Appendix 1

(Current as of the time of the grant; provided by the grantee organization; not verified by RWJF.)

National Youth Summit Participating Organizations

American Red Cross
Washington, D.C.

America's Promise
Alexandria, Va.

Campus Outreach Opportunity League
Boston, Mass.

Center for Youth as Resources
Washington, D.C.

City Cares, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

Communities In Schools
Alexandria, Va.

Corporation for National Service
Washington, D.C.

Earth Force
Alexandria, Va.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Kansas City, Mo.

Future Farmers of America
Alexandria, Va.

Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation
Los Angeles, Calif.

Minnesota Alliance with Youth
St. Paul, Minn.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Dallas, Texas

National Assembly of Health and Human Service Organizations
Washington, D.C.

National Council of Volunteer Centers
Washington, D.C.

National Dropout Prevention Center
Clemson, S.C.

National 4H Council
Chevy Chase, Md.

National Youth Leadership Council
St. Paul, Minn.

Points of Light Foundation
Washington, D.C.

Search Institute
Minneapolis, Minn.

United Way of America
Alexandria, Va.

Youth on Board
Somerville, Mass.

Youth Service America
Washington, D.C.

Youth Volunteer Corps of America
Shawnee Mission, Kan.

YWCA of the USA
New York, N.Y.

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(Current as of date of this report; as provided by grantee organization; not verified by RWJF; items not available from RWJF.)


National Youth Summit Final Grant Report. Points of Light Foundation. Submitted to The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, October 31, 2000.

Brochures and Fact Sheets

"Registration Brochure: National Youth Summit." Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

"Fact Sheet: National Youth Summit." Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

"Save-the-Date Card: National Youth Summit." Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

"Participant Journal: National Youth Summit." Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

"Action Team Guide: National Youth Summit." Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

Audio-Visuals and Computer Software

National Youth Summit: Young People, Partners in Fulfilling the Promise, a four-minute informational video on the National Youth Summit, June 22–25, 2000. Washington, D.C.: Points of Light Foundation, 2000.

Sponsored Conferences

"National Youth Summit," June 22–25, 2000, Orlando, Fla. Attended by approximately 1,200 people representing 27 organizations.

Press Kits and News Releases

A news release on the National Youth Summit, distributed to US News Wire and approximately 75 local and national newspapers and television stations.

Print Coverage

"National Youth Summit Arrives at Disney," in The Orlando Sentinel, 24 June 2000.

"Youth Use Ingenuity in Getting Themselves to Orlando Summit," in The NonProfit Times, August 2000.

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Report prepared by: Jan Hempel
Reviewed by: Richard Camer
Reviewed by: Robert Crum
Program Officer: Judith Stavisky

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