June 2002

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  • Annual birth cohort: 45,000
  • Geographic area: State of Connecticut
  • Legislation: 1994 law establishes registry
  • Percentage of immunizations given in the private sector: 80 percent
  • Other sources of funding: Federal

The Buy or Build Decision
Some health agencies develop their own immunization registry system, while others purchase software from vendors. Neither choice is necessarily the "right" one — both can be fraught with difficulties, delays, and cost overruns. The Connecticut registry begun in 1993 originally included only children in Hartford, but it was selected as the prototype for the state and expanded to include Medicaid managed care children in 1996. Its success prompted the state to expand the registry again to include all children statewide, but it needed additional functionality, and a new vendor was selected. Two years after vendor selection, the system specifications had yet to be met and, consequently, the registry continued to operate with its 1993 system, unable to roll out to the rest of the providers in the state. This delay was difficult for the registry, which in 1998 was poised to be among the first in the country to enroll all of its children in a state registry; and for providers, who had anticipated the statewide registry. At that point, CIRTS changed its focus from expansion to concentrating on quality. Through diligent staff efforts, CIRTS data on children ages 0 to 24 months was among the most complete.

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Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS)


State of Connecticut Department of Health (Hartford,  CT)

  • Amount: $ 427,547
    Dates: February 1998 to May 2000
    ID#:  033687


James L. Hadler, M.D., M.P.H.
(860) 547-1426

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Program Director: David A. Ross, Sc.D.
Former Program Director: William H. Foege, M.D., M.P.H. (December 1991 through July 1997)
Former Program Director: William C. Watson, Jr., M.P.A. (August 1997 through July 2001)

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