The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers a range of resources to assist researchers and evaluators of RWJF programs.

RWJF Data Collections

Health and Medical Care Archive

The Health and Medical Care Archive at the University of Michigan's Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research is the official data archive of RWJF.  The archive includes more than 100 data collections focusing on health care providers, cost and access to health care, substance abuse, chronic health conditions, and other areas. Access is free to all researchers, students, and policy-makers.

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Public Opinion Research

RWJF Survey Guidelines

RWJF standards are consistent with American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and should be adhered to by any organization or contractor conducting a poll or survey on RWJF's behalf.

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RWJF Program Evaluation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluation Series: Guidance for Evaluators

A series of guides detail RWJF's evaluation requirements and offer tips to help evaluators engage stakeholders in RWJF programs and to inform the evaluation process.

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Evaluation: What Grantees Can Expect

We discuss RWJF's goals related to program evaluation, how we involve grantees in the process, and how findings are used.

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Featured Article

RWJF's Approach to Evaluation

Since its inception, RWJF has placed a high priority on program evaluation. Two former leaders in RWJF's Research-Evaluation-Learning unit describe RWJF's approach to evaluation and examine its strengths and weaknesses.

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