Recommendations for Healthier Beverages

Beverage choices contribute significantly to dietary and caloric intake in the United States. Choosing healthy beverages and other lower-calorie options, instead of high-calorie, sugar-sweetened beverages, has great potential to help Americans reduce caloric intake, improve diet quality, and reduce their risk for obesity.

Healthy Eating Research convened an expert advisory panel to develop Recommendations for Healthier Beverages. The panel reviewed and analyzed data from scientific bodies, national organizations, public health organizations and the beverage industry to come up with its age-based recommendations.

Schools, child-care centers, hospitals, governments, and businesses can use the guidelines to provide children and families with healthy beverage choices.


Choosing Healthy Beverages

The Need for Healthier Beverage Recommendations

Mary Story, director of Healthy Eating Research, and Tracy Fox, president of Food, Nutrition and Policy Consultants, discuss why we need healthier beverage standards.

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