Cleminson Elementary School

Healthy Schools Program Gold National Recognition Award Winner


Cleminson Elemtary School in El Monte, California was one of two schools in the nation to receive a Gold National Recognition Award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program in 2012.

At Cleminson, physical activity and nutrition are incorporated throughout the entire curriculum and the entire school day. Celebrity chefs demonstrate nourishing recipes to the kids and teachers lead a minute of exercise in every class. The school also offers programs in soccer, football, other team sports, a large selection of books on health and wellness in the school library, and plenty of physical education offerings to help keep the kids on track.

The Healthy Schools Program works with more than 15,000 schools across the nation, reaching more than 9 million students, as well as teachers and other school staff. As the largest effort of its kind, the program has the potential to inform similar efforts aimed at transforming schools into healthier places and preventing obesity among children and teens. The program is funded primarily by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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