Reform in Action: Improving Quality in Hospitals

Insights from Aligning Forces for Quality

For more than a decade, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has sponsored a variety of hospital-based initiatives designed to improve the quality of care provided. These efforts have engaged staff members at all levels within a hospital to measure and improve the quality and safety of patient care, as well as help spread replicable strategies across the country.

Today, 281 teams at 192 forward-thinking hospitals are participating in RWJF's Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) hospital quality improvement initiatives centered on four areas:

  1. Reducing readmissions
  2. Increasing emergency department throughput
  3. Improving language services
  4. Engaging nurses and frontline staff in quality improvement

Participating hospitals represent a range of institutions, from 25-bed critical care hospitals in Humboldt County, California, to 500+ bed urban teaching hospitals in Boston and elsewhere. This breadth of participants makes the lessons learned particularly valuable to others interested in improving the quality and equality of acute care.

Why Collaborate for Hospital-Based Quality Improvement?

AF4Q Case Study

Michael Weaver, MD, FACEP, FCC, Vice President of Clinical Diversity at St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, MO talks about how St. Luke's has addressed language services for its patients and why collaboration is important for hospital-based quality improvement.

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Hear from RWJF

RWJF Senior Program Officer Susan Mende discusses Aligning Forces' efforts to innovate and improve the quality of hospital care across the country.

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