Domestic Workers in San Francisco Find Their Power

New Routes to Community Health

Field of Work: Improving worker safety and dignity

Problem Synopsis: Domestic workers often endure a host of difficulties, including low pay, demanding employers, and exposure to toxic cleaning products.

Synopsis of the Work: Under the Domestic Worker Safety & Dignity project, members of La Colectiva, a Latina organization run by domestic workers, created a social marketing campaign advocating fair pay, respect for the profession, and healthier working conditions.

Key Results: The campaign included images of strong and dignified domestic workers on a 50-foot-long billboard, on posters on the San Francisco public transit system, and on postcards the women distributed.

The campaign also highlighted the benefits of "green" cleaning products for both domestic workers and the families they work for. This public outreach was so successful that La Colectiva staff received an influx of inquiries from families who wanted to hire its members.