A Collaboration to Promote Evidence-Based Practices in Addiction Treatment

SAAS and NIATx Establish a Joint Conference to Teach Management Skills to Leaders in the Field

Field of Work: Evidence-based practices in addition treatment

Problem Synopsis: To spread evidence-based practices through a treatment agency (or entire state), agency leaders need to understand the importance of organizational culture, policies, and procedures to the change process.

Synopsis of the Work: In 2006, SAAS held its first national conference "Forging Our Future: Meeting the Challenges of Leadership." Addiction treatment leaders learned and shared ideas on how to improve the quality and efficiency of the care they provided. NIATx assisted with the planning and implementation of the conference.

Key Results: The two organizations have formed an ongoing partnership.

Since 2008, they have jointly sponsored annual conferences/summits for audiences of about 700 leaders. The conferences have trained addiction program leaders in business skills, principles of management, and quality improvement.

These skills help leaders prepare their agencies for success in implementing and maintaining evidence-based practices for addiction treatment, such as medication-assisted treatment and continuing care.

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