Long Island Jewish Medical Center: Building a Hospital-Wide System for Decreasing Harm from Falls

Prevention of Hospital Falls

Dates of Program: January 2006 to September 2007

Field of Work: Prevention of patient falls in hospitals

Synopsis of the Work: Prevention of Hospital Falls was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in which eight hospitals collaborated with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Mass., to test interventions aimed at preventing harmful patient falls. Informed by feedback from the hospitals, the institute developed and disseminated a package of strategies to prevent injuries from patient falls in acute care hospital units.

This sidebar tells the experience of one of the participating hospitals, Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y. (part of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System). It tested a range of fall prevention interventions (e.g., a hospital safety video for patients and infrared motion detectors) in a medical unit. The rate of falls and rate of harm from falls decreased and the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System was expanding the fall prevention interventions throughout its 15 hospitals and nursing homes.

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