State Senator Says Coalition Key in Efforts to Reduce Underage Drinking

Reducing Underage Drinking Through Community and State Coalitions

Synopsis of Work: Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions supported state coalitions to work to reduce underage drinking and thus reduce related injury and other health and social problems.

Story Told: Sen. Lucy Arce Ferrer was one of the early advocates of the work of the Puerto Rico Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking. Facing a skeptical legislature, she twice introduced a law to raise the minimum drinking age to 21.

Arce said that the coalition has helped her tremendously in her efforts to reduce underage drinking. "Not only did they help with the studies but they were in the schools and universities and advised the youth and parents," she said. "They were calling on the government to implement laws in the right way to have positive results. I could not do what I did without the help of the coalition. They were very, very effective."

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