National Tobacco Control Technical Assistance Consortium

"We Did Not Have One Dollar"

Dates of Program: January 2001 to March 2008

Field of Work: Tobacco control

Synopsis of the Work: The National Tobacco Control Technical Assistance Consortium (later shortened to Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, or TTAC) was a one-stop clearinghouse to connect tobacco-control advocates in the United States at the state and local levels with high-quality and timely technical assistance. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Legacy Foundation and the American Cancer Society jointly funded this national program.

Story Told: In 2001, Jeanette Noltenius, a longtime advocate for Latino health, helped launch the Indiana Latino Institute, focused largely on tobacco education and advocacy among that state's rapidly growing Latino community. This sidebar describes how TTAC helped the institute win a nearly $1 million grant for tobacco prevention and control efforts in the Latino community from the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency.

This Indiana agency was established to recommend the best use of Indiana funds from the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, in which the largest tobacco companies in the United States compensated the states for taxpayer money that was spent on patients and family members with tobacco-related diseases.