High School and Careers Summit Looked at How to Prepare Youth for Careers in Health Care

National summit on the public education system needed for tomorrow's health care workforce

Health Career Futures—according to its Web site a non-profit supporting organization of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh—hosted "High School and Careers: The Value Proposition" in Pittsburgh on April 29, 2008.

The national summit supported a dialogue among funders, educators, workforce development experts and employers on future workforce development needs and an educational system to appropriately prepare youth for careers in the health care sector.

Key Results

  • The 109 invited summit attendees included educators, employers, students, workforce development representatives, foundation staff members, and representatives of national associations.

  • In four work sessions, titled Pathway, Building Blocks, Milestones and Anatomy of a Dream School, attendees were charged with designing an "ideal" career education system for students. The details of each of the working groups' deliberations and recommendations are summarized in the summit proceedings paper.

  • The agenda, work session transcripts and presentations are available online.

  • The summit's resulting publication, "Transforming Education Systems for the 21st Century Learner," Report from the High School and Careers: The New Value Proposition Summit, focuses on:

    • The current condition of the U.S. education system
    • Recommended improvements based on summit results
    • Schools that have successfully implemented such improvements

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