Bringing Safe Routes to Inner-City Chicago Schools

An Active Living Resource Center "City-Safe Routes to School" Workshop

Dates of Project: 2002 to 2010

Field of Work: Active living.

Synopsis of the Work: The Active Living Resource Center was the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's national program to provide information, resources and technical assistance to help individuals, neighborhood groups, and local partnerships create communities that promote physical activity. This work included a City-Safe Routes to School program, which helped 17 communities in nine cities develop Safe Routes to School programs.

Program staff worked with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association to lead a workshop in Chicago on November 30, 2006 to find ways to make it safer for children to walk to schools in the Logan Square neighborhood, where safety was an ongoing issue. Participants identified priority problems and developed a community assessment report with recommendations based on the workshop. The report led to the Chicago Department of Transportation including one neighborhood school in its Safe Routes to School proposal to the state.