Join Together Convenes a Meeting on Keeping Kids Healthy and Produces a Report on Screening and Brief Interventions for Risky Drinking and Drug Taking

RWJF Healthy Kids 2005 conference focusing on keeping America's children safe, healthy, and addiction-free

Join Together, at Boston University's School of Public Health, held a conference, Healthy Kids 2005, in Washington. It sought to develop lessons and recommendations from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) child and adolescent-focused initiatives, many near the end of their work, which had focused on keeping America's children safe, healthy and addiction free. Programs included the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Free to Grow, Injury Free Coalition for Kids and Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions.

Additionally, Join Together requested permission for and was granted the opportunity to reprogram unused funds to prepare and distribute a report on screening and brief interventions for risky drinking and drug taking, update content on its main website, and for developing a module on screening and brief intervention for an additional website.

Key Results:

  • Join Together held Healthy Kids 2005, a consensus-development conference, June 1–3, 2005, in Washington. Participants included 46 representatives from relevant RWJF programs and projects. They developed recommendations based on lessons learned from their work and policies that could address those lessons. Join Together produced a recommendations report, Promising Approaches to Improving Children's Health.
  • The original plan was for this report to be the basis for a special congressional briefing to be hosted by the nonpartisan Congressional Caucus on Substance Abuse. RWJF first postponed the briefing from fall 2005 to winter 2006 and then cancelled it. According to Kristin Schubert, one of the program officers on this project, RWJF "did not proceed with the congressional briefing or further work on 'healthy kids' because [the program team] changed its strategic direction. We decided that this would not be the best use of our resources going forward." The report was not finalized or distributed.
  • With RWJF's permission, Join Together used the balance of the funding in the area of screening and brief interventions for risky drinking and drug taking.

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