IOM Holds a Roundtable on Health Disparities

Roundtable on health disparities to address developing solutions and encouraging communication

In 2006, the Institute of Medicine convened a two-year Roundtable on Health Disparities to promote dialogue and discussion about disparities in the quality of and access to health care in the United States. The roundtable held public workshops to raise the visibility of health disparities in the United States and to discuss programs and strategies designed to reduce them.

Key Results:

  • The roundtable conducted three public workshops on:
    • "Challenges and Successes in Reducing Health Disparities"
    • "Investing in Children's Health: A Community Approach to Addressing Health Disparities"
    • "Toward Health Equity and Patient-Centeredness: Integrating Health Literacy, Disparities Reduction, and Quality Improvement"
  • Information and reports about the workshops are available on the roundtable's website.

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