A Faith in Action Database Yields a Picture

Field of Work: Providing volunteer services for elderly and disabled people through interfaith programs.

Problem Synopsis: In 1983, more than 10 million American elderly or persons with chronic disabilities had limited ability to carry on such essential activities of daily living as feeding, dressing, and bathing. Such individuals usually require a mix of medical and supportive services to help with ordinary activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, dressing, housekeeping and transportation.

Synopsis of the Work: Faith in Action, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, funded hundreds of projects across the country to support interfaith volunteer caregiving. From a database of over 1,000 reports from Phase 2 Faith in Action projects, the national program office created a sketch of what the coalitions looked like, who the volunteer caregivers were and what kinds of people received care.

Key Results: The database provides answers to the following questions:

  • What Did the Coalitions Look Like?
  • Who Were the Volunteer Caregivers?
  • Who Received Care?