Manual's Alzheimer's

A Story from MassHealth Senior Care Options

Synopsis of Work: The Medicare/Medicaid Integration Program (MMIP) (1997 to 2006) was a state demonstration program that tested the operation and design of delivery systems that integrate long-term and acute care services under combined Medicare and Medicaid capitation payments for elderly patients.

Story Told: Taking care of Manual, an 84-year-old senior with Alzheimer's disease, was more than his daughter Mary Jo and her mom, Maria, could handle. Reluctantly, they placed Manual in a nursing home. Then Mary Jo learned about a plan for individuals like her father called MassHealth Senior Care Options, and determined to help both her parents join.

Manual's doctor worked with a team of other health professionals to develop a care plan that enabled Manual to return home. Mary Jo and Maria participated in the plan's many decisions.

The plan included support services like housecleaning and cooking for the couple, and help with Manual's bathing and dressing.

And it's working. Mary Jo's husband built a ramp outside the house to help Manual move in and out more easily. Manual's family is now able to see to his needs at home.