Mae, Temporarily Too Weak After Surgery to Keep House or Eat Properly

A Story from the Wisconsin Partnership Program

Synopsis of Work: The Medicare/Medicaid Integration Program (MMIP) (1997 to 2006) was a state demonstration program that tested the operation and design of delivery systems that integrate long-term and acute care services under combined Medicare and Medicaid capitation payments for elderly patients.

Story Told: Before having heart surgery at the age of 78, Mae was content to live alone in an apartment, managing her diabetes, and doing all of her own cooking, cleaning and driving.

Her recovery from surgery was something else. She couldn't "do for herself" anymore. And although her family was very involved in her care, she felt like they had done enough for her. To lighten their load, Mae enrolled in the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Simple things can lead to change. And things began to change.

The partnership team of caregivers set Mae up with in-home medical services she needed. They also arranged for housecleaning services and equipment such as a bath bench.

While Mae is grateful for the medical care and equipment she received through the partnership, there is something more. Mae tells her team, "I look forward to your visits," and "the way you make me feel special." It wasn't a clinical decision when, on Mae's birthday, team members gave her a lovely plant.