Larry Wants to Take Care of Himself

A Story from Minnesota Senior Health Options

Synopsis of Work: The Medicare/Medicaid Integration Program (MMIP) (1997 to 2006) was a state demonstration program that tested the operation and design of delivery systems that integrate long-term and acute care services under combined Medicare and Medicaid capitation payments for elderly patients.

Story Told: Like many low-income seniors in Minnesota, Larry wants to take care of himself, but he needs some help. His diabetes and other health problems make it hard for him to eat the right foods, take care of his home and stay clean. In one year he was in the hospital four times for dehydration. His meals often consist of a soda and either canned foods, cheese or some lunch meat.

That changed when Larry began getting the health care and support services he needs through Minnesota Senior Health Options, created by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the first program in the nation to integrate Medicare and Medicaid services.