Mississippi Healthy Summit Leads to Increased Physical Activity Requirements in Schools

Summit to address obesity and other health care issues in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi convened the Healthy Mississippi Summit, June 15, 2006, in Jackson, Miss. The goal of the summit was to focus attention on the primary causes of chronic diseases in Mississippi—specifically, poor diet and lack of physical activity—and to promote a statewide approach to promoting healthy lifestyles among schoolchildren, state employees, church-goers and other groups.

The summit grew out of the Mississippi delegation's participation in the National Governor's Association Healthy America initiative, which was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) through grant ID# 055534.

Key Results:

  • The state of Mississippi convened the Healthy Mississippi Summit on June 15, 2006, in Jackson, Miss. More than 500 individuals participated in the summit.
  • The summit featured seven breakout sessions, which focused on:
    • Promoting healthy behaviors in children.
    • Minority health disparities.
    • Building healthy communities.
    • Wellness programs in the workplace.
    • Childhood obesity reduction by school-based programs.
    • Partnering with community organizations to communicate health information.
    • Planning worksite health promotion activities.

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