Funders Confer on How to Reduce Medical Errors and Improve Patient Safety

Grantmakers' meetings and strategy development to improve patient safety and quality of care

In 2001 and 2002, Grantmakers In Health convened three meetings for public and private grantmakers, researchers and other experts, to explore patient safety and potential roles for funders in reducing medical errors and enhancing patient safety.

Grantmakers in Health, a nonprofit educational organization, is devoted to helping grantmakers improve the nation's health.

Key Results: The three meetings included:

  • A meeting on February 28, 2001 in San Diego, Calif., that brought 50 people together for in-depth discussions.
  • A second meeting on June 20, 2001 in Washington, brought 14 people together to discuss the creation of a funder's collaborative to exchange information and to share lessons from established patient safety programs.
  • Responding to an interest in learning more about health care organizations that employ practices to reduce medical errors, the third meeting was a site visit to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center SouthSide Hospital on January 22, 2002, which 49 funders, health care administrators and policy-makers attended.

Grantmakers In Health produced three reports and papers under the grant that explore patient safety, profile funder initiatives to promote improvements and identify roles for grantmakers. They also developed a loosely organized patient-safety working group.

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