Conference in New York City Addresses Nursing Crisis in the City and Beyond

Invitational conference to address the nursing crisis in New York City and beyond

The Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence and the New York Academy of Medicine co-sponsored a day-long invitational symposium in November 2006 addressing the shortage of nurses in New York City and nationwide.

As of 2005, New York City hospitals were unable to fill 6.7 percent of available positions for registered nurses, according to the Greater New York Hospital Association. Nationwide, hospitals reported an average vacancy rate of approximately 8.5 percent, according to the American Hospital Association.

Key Results

  • The meeting, entitled "Who Will Care for Me? Strategies and Initiatives to Address the Nursing Crisis in New York City and Beyond," was held November 3, 2006, in New York. Some 326 participants from the fields of nursing, health care, business, government, policy-making, philanthropy and media attended the meeting.

  • As part of its meeting preparation, the project team completed a background paper entitled "Nurse Retention and Workforce Diversity—Two Key Issues in New York City's Nursing Crisis."

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