Supermarket Chain Tightens Checks on Underage Youth

Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions

    • July 31, 2007

Ana Bravo, director of consumer affairs for Pueblo, a supermarket chain, joined the coalition and steering committee of the Puerto Rico Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking. She said that her involvement with the coalition had a profound impact on the supermarket chain's practices.

"It helped me develop training for our employees," she said. "We have employees as young as 16 and we improved our training to those employees regarding selling to minors and checking ID. It was a consciousness that we developed. Our participation [in the coalition] helped us to understand that there is a serious problem out there that we could do something about. Supermarkets are a place for young people to get alcohol, especially beer."

Bravo said that in the past, supermarket clerks had not been careful about checking identification of underage buyers. She said that the coalition work pushed her to get serious about better training for her clerks.

"We didn't want to say that we were in [the coalition] and then have one of our kids selling beer to another child," she said.

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