Providing the Evidence that Crime and Drug Abuse Programs Work

Forum to advance an evidence-based approach to youth substance abuse and violence prevention

In 2003, the Council for Excellence in Government's Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy and the U.S. Department of Justice launched an initiative to promote the development and use of substance abuse and violence prevention programs that have been demonstrated to be effective in scientifically rigorous studies.

As part of the initiative, the coalition issued a report, Bringing Evidence-Driven Progress to Crime and Substance-Abuse Policy: A Recommended Federal Strategy.

Key Recommendations

  • Federal agencies should develop a uniform set of principles on what constitutes "rigorous evidence" of an intervention's effectiveness.
  • Federal agencies — both individually and together — should launch a major strategy to build the knowledge base of evidence-backed crime and substance abuse interventions.
  • Each agency should focus its discretionary funds for research and evaluation, to the maximum extent practicable, on strategies to build the knowledge base of evidence-backed interventions.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided $49,419 to fund the coalition's work.

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