New Recommendations for Prisoner Re-Entry in New Jersey

Support of the New Jersey Reentry Roundtables aimed at addressing the needs of ex-offenders including the expanding substance abuse treatment

In 2002, the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, in collaboration with the New Jersey Public Policy Research Institute, created the New Jersey Reentry Roundtable. It is an initiative to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges released prisoners face as they reenter society.

Key Recommendations

  • In December 2003, the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice released the roundtable's final report, Coming Home for Good: Meeting the Challenge of Prisoner Reentry in New Jersey. It includes the following recommendations:

    • Begin reentry preparation at a prisoner's entry into prison.
    • Manage the transition back home.
    • Support neighborhoods and families.
    • Create separate strategies for juvenile reentry.
    • Address racial and ethnic disparities.

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