Conference Attendees Learn to Develop and Redesign Communities that Promote Healthy Living

Conference on building safe, healthy, livable communities

The Local Government Commission, an organization of locally elected officials working for healthier communities, held two national conferences, each titled New Partners for Smart Growth: Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities.

Key Results

  • The commission convened its first national conference January 24–26, 2002, in San Diego.

    The 970 participants from 40 states and six countries included public health professionals and health advocates, developers, planners, local elected officials, city and county staff, architects, realtors, parks and recreation professionals, advocates for seniors, educators and youth.

    The conference aimed to educate a broad range of practitioners about how to redesign neighborhoods to create healthy, safe environments that allow for physical activity.

  • The commission's second national conference, held January 30–February 1, 2003 in New Orleans, focused on the connections among land use, planning, transportation, public safety and public health.

    More than 725 people from diverse sectors attended.

    Both conferences featured keynote sessions, breakouts, workshops, plenaries and tours of model projects in the host cities.

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