Conference Explores Role of Research in Strengthening Long-Term Care

Conference on long-term care research and service delivery

AcademyHealth, a Washington-based center for health care services research, convened "Building the Field of Long-Term Care" on June 17, 2002, in Chantilly, Va. A planning committee contributed to the design and evaluation of the conference.

Key Results

  • On June 17, 2002, AcademyHealth convened an invitational conference on the role of research in strengthening the delivery of long-term care.

  • The 49 attendees included researchers and policymakers representing government agencies, foundations, long-term care providers and universities.

  • A keynote address and three presentations followed by facilitated discussions explored the role of service delivery and policy research in the future of long-term care delivery.

  • The two papers commissioned for the conference were published as journal articles; project staff, the keynote speaker and the subcontractor wrote three issue briefs. The issue briefs are available from the AcademyHealth website.

Afterward: With a grant from the Commonwealth Fund, AcademyHealth conducted a long-term care research colloquium in conjunction with AcademyHealth Annual Meeting in June 2004. AcademyHealth will seek funding to conduct this colloquium annually.

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