2000 Conference Examines Ways to Improve Cost-Effectiveness Analyses in Managed Care

Improving the Health of Populations: Conference on cost-effectiveness analysis and managed care

In 2000, the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute of Portland, Ore. held a conference on cost-effectiveness analysis and managed care.

The conference focused on cost-effectiveness analysis and managed care. RWJF provided funding to enhance the usefulness and expand the application of cost-effectiveness analysis in managed care settings.

Key Results

  • The "Conference on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Managed Care" took place on September 5–6, 2000, in Portland. See the Bibliography for a list of the presenters and topics covered.

    Participants identified a number of barriers that are typically encountered in conducting health-related cost-effectiveness analysis, as well as opportunities for enhancing use of cost-effectiveness analysis by health maintenance organizations (HMOs). (See the Appendix for a list.)


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) supported this project through a grant of $70,416.

Additional support for the conference was provided by:

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