1996 Conference Recommends Giving Tax Credits for Private Health Insurance

Publication of papers on market-based approaches to health care reform

In 1996, the Galen Institute sponsored a conference on tax policy and health care reform, and, in 1999, published papers that had been commissioned for the conference in a book.

The Galen Institute, based in Alexandria, Va., is a not-for-profit research and educational organization specializing in health and tax policy.

Key Results

  • The conference, "A Fresh Approach to Health Care Reform," took place on March 26, 1996, in Washington. Discussion centered on 10 papers commissioned for the conference.

    More than 180 congressional leaders and staffers, business leaders, health policy experts, media representatives and other professionals attended the conference.

  • The University of Michigan Press published Empowering Health Care Consumers Through Tax Reform in 1999. The book included the commissioned conference papers, four additional invited contributions, and additional background information.

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